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to Maximize Merchandise Performance at the Shelf

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Process and Performance

Yielding results at the fastest speeds possible.

Driveline® employs a unique process that increases the profitability of any retail space. Our innovative approach utilizes a certified field force selected specifically for your program, a proven workflow that delivers fast results on any scale and a real-time shelf-edge execution system that gives you visual verification the right product is on the right shelf at the right time. Providing a full range of merchandising services from product cut-ins and recalls to store layout and more, Driveline has everything you need to be successful. Trust your retail merchandising programs to us and start seeing the process in action for yourself.

Trusted Partner

Driveline merchandising services is trusted by brands, manufacturers and retailers of every size and channel to implement sustainable, productive retail merchandising programs. We've worked hard to earn a top reputation for getting jobs done right the first time, every time. And our clients enjoy peace of mind in knowing that their sales are driven by professionals who pay such close attention to detail. Trust our certified field force to bring their same "can-do" attitude to every project, giving you the time you need to focus on the other important aspect of your business.

National Scale

Anywhere there's a need for better sales, there's a need for Driveline Retail. That's why we provide retail merchandising programs to brands, manufacturers and retailers all across the country. With the capacity to implement over 100,000 events a week in more than 80,000 doors, we have the scale to complete any job on time and on budget. Using Driveline eliminates the need to patch together regional vendors and split responsibilities, making the process much easier to manage. Plus, our size gives us the ability to select from a wide variety of talent in our certified field force to provide the perfect person for every job, every time.

Speed to Market

Think days... not weeks! Our proven workflow and flexible processes give us the ability to provide our partners with incredible speed to market. Completing projects in just a few days is our legacy. Our certified merchandising field force flawlessly executes everything from product cut-ins and recalls to store layout and more. And because we implement over 100,000 events a week in more 80,000 doors, you can rest assured you will not outrun our capacity.

Visual Verification

Accuracy is our highest priority at Driveline. We're powered by the proprietary RetailGIS® SmartSystem technology to aid in the visual verification process. This technology enables us to verify that all products are on the right shelf at the right time, avoiding surprises and delivering peace of mind. This real-time tracking tool shows the location and performance of individual products as well as many other customizable features. And because it is accessible through any online connection, our partners can always have access to the information they need right at their fingertips.

RetailGIS® SmartSystem Technology

Eliminating blind spots through technology

Successful retail merchandising requires the ability to analyze and improve upon the performance of products at shelf level. Driveline merchandising services knows this. Our proprietary RetailGIS® SmartSystem technology enables you to verify accurate completion and track performance in real time. These web-based analytic tools cover the entire store environment, spatial management, retail shelf optimization and in-store execution. Accessible from any Internet connection, this tech-enabled process helps bring a more strategic approach to maximizing profits right to your fingertips.

Driveline also works with individual partners to develop new programs designed specifically to solve problems on a case-by-case basis. We are able to turn around these new programs in a timely manner, delivering solutions to our clients without them missing a beat. Take a look below to see what our RetailGIS® SmartSystem technology can do for your business.


This innovative mapping solution consists of a CAD-accurate rendering of your individual store. Fully integrated with your most recent plan-o-gram, each map gives you complete transparency to actual store conditions along with real-time key performance indicators. SmartMap provides visibility and management down to the exact locations of product and marketing collateral. It also has the power to update HQ space planning and libraries in real time, eliminating static libraries. Customize your categories to navigate through specific departments more efficiently and report on findings directly using the tools inside the program. It's the ultimate technology solution for retail merchandising on any scale.


SmartPlan is an expert planning tool that provides plan-o-gram level store and project management on every scale. Integrated into a single interface, it is designed to simplify the space planning process and optimize sales opportunities at the shelf. To do this, SmartPlan utilizes high-quality analysis tools, integrated versioning and a change management system armed with the highest levels of security. Plus, the program contains direct interdepartmental links and product libraries that help make even large-scale planning run quickly and efficiently.


This retail execution and project management tool interfaces with in-store activity in real time. By doing so, our clients are able to enjoy complete visibility and obtain detailed performance measures quickly and accurately. Directly linked to SmartMap, this program also offers details on the status of various jobs with a red/yellow/green indicator. By cleaning up the visualization of a project, it is easier to find and solve issues and create extensive reports in less time. Protected by role-based security, it's one of the many valuable tools we offer to simplify and maximize your retail merchandising efforts.


This plan-o-gram analysis tool helps you maximize the performance of individual products. By identifying strengths and weaknesses on every plan-o-gram down to the SKU level, brands, manufacturers and retailers can make strategic changes to boost sales almost instantly. SmartPOG offers direct integration to enterprise plan-o-gram development tools as well as both SmartMap and SmartPlan. Also, its easy-to-use system offers real-time analytics for mix, margin and fixture requirements. Take charge of your retail merchandising and start maximizing your profits with our innovative RetailGIS® SmartSystem technology.